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Part-Time Sales Rep (commission-based)


Join Repeat Glass in our mission to promote sustainable glass recycling solutions. We specialize in offering flexible services to bars, restaurants, apartments, condos, and various organizations.



We are seeking self-driven Sales Representatives for a part-time, commission-based role. Your primary responsibility is to reach out to bars, restaurants, apartments, condos, and other potential clients in the Cleveland area, introducing them to our glass recycling services.



  • Connect with bars, restaurants, apartments, condos, and organizations to offer our glass recycling services.

  • Highlight the benefits of our glass recycling service.

  • No sales goals - work at your own pace and style.



  • Experience in sales, with a preference for those familiar with the local hospitality industry.

  • Strong communication skills.

  • Self-motivated and adaptable.



  • Commission-based earnings with the freedom to work part-time and remotely.

  • No sales goals - go at your own pace and make it your own.



If you're passionate about sustainable practices and enjoy working at your own pace, email

Note: Repeat Glass is an equal opportunity employer. We encourage applications from candidates of all backgrounds.


Part-Time Program Manager (Driver)

Repeat Glass launched on Earth Day, 2022. Its mission is to provide an effective and reliable glass recycling stream for homes and businesses in Northeast Ohio. Glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly. The problem is too much of the glass recycling in Northeast Ohio is sent to landfills to be used in mass c
over and road base. The glass Repeat collects is recycled into new materials (i.e. fiberglass insulation or container glass).

The Program Manager will be Repeat’s first employee. In this role, the individual will take on many of the day-to-day operations currently done by the owner of the company. The primary function of this job is to manage the existing programs (i.e. commercial clients and community drop-off sites). More specifically, this means driving the company vehicle on pickup days (currently Tuesdays) and collecting the glass from these locations. Less essential functions of the job may include meeting prospective clients and setting up new accounts. The person in this role is independent, reliable, and a good communicator.


  • Driving (90%)

    • 1-2 days per week (route is growing)

    • Drive company truck (non-CDL) to all commercial and community drop-off stops

    • Unload glass from carts into truck utilizing the cart tipper

      • Must be able to roll/drag glass carts to the cart tipper, which can weigh approximately 150 lbs when full

    • Pull out unacceptable (non-glass) items

    • Unload glass at home bunker/depot using dump body

    • Maintain pickup sites (keep presentable and safe of broken glass)

    • Keep record of glass collected for each stop and make necessary notes affiliated with the route

    • Run routine maintenance on truck (clean, grease zerks, top off fluids, etc.) and deliver truck to auto shop for other maintenance and repairs

      • Some maintenance involves getting up on the dump body (ex. fix tarp cover)

    • Take occasional picture/video for social media purposes

    • Be friendly toward and answer questions from people (customers, visitors, potential customers, etc.) encountered on the route

    • Must be a safe driver and adhere to safety protocols

    • Communicate to owner each shift

      • Text when shift begins and ends

      • Occasional communication during or outside of shift if necessary

    • Must have smart phone with data, GPS, Bluetooth, and camera capabilities

      • Used for routing, tracking hours, navigation, and communication

      • App(s) may be required for download

      • Phone use reimbursement is provided

  • Business Development (10%)

    • Reach out to prospective clients

    • Effectively communicate program information

    • Set up new customers with necessary recycling equipment


  • Education

    • High School degree required

    • College degree preferred (not required)

  • Physical

    • Must be able to move 150 lbs

    • Must pass DOT Physical or already possess DOT Physical card (CDL not required)

  • Mental

    • Must be able to work independently

    • Must be dependable

    • Must be a good communicator

  • Driving

    • Previous experience driving a large vehicle (non-CDL) preferred

    • Must have a clean driving record (MVR is checked)


  • Hourly Duties - $22/hr

  • Loyalty Bonus – Paid Quarterly

    • Based on tonnage collected (~$250)

  • Commission

    • Based on sales efforts

    • First two months of pay from onboarded customers

  • Phone Reimbursement - $20/mo


If you are interested in this position, email with your qualifications to be considered.

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