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1. Repeat Collection

Repeat collects glass from community drop-sites, apartments & condos, bars & restaurants, and other organizations.


2. Processor

The glass goes to a processor, such as CAP Glass or Strategic Materials, Inc, where it is made into cullet.


3. Manufacturer

Cullet is sent to manufacturers, such as Owens-Illinois and Knauf.

New Products

4. Products

The manufacturers create new products, including container glass and fiberglass insulation.


The mission is...
to provide an effective and reliable glass recycling stream for homes and businesses in Northeast Ohio.

The problem is...
the majority of glass recycling in Northeast Ohio is commingled, which means it is mixed with other recyclables (i.e. paper, aluminum, plastics). ​
~> Highly contaminated glass
~> Sent to landfills as mass cover​

The solution is...
to create a separate stream for glass recycling.
~> Little contamination
~> Used to produce new glass or fiberglass insulation

Repeat Glass is...
creating a Clean Glass Network in Northeast Ohio. 
~> Extends the life of recycled glass
~> Preserves natural resources


The owner is...
Jamie Arnold. 

In 2014, Jamie founded a glass recycling service in Kansas City called GlassBandit. In 2021, he sold the company (now Crush Glass), and he and his wife moved their family back home to Cleveland. It did not take long to recognize the problem with glass recycling in Northeast Ohio, which is why he started Repeat Glass.

Feel free to
email Jamie.


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